Study Finds That Public Toilet Seats Are More Sanitary Than Many People Think

For years, many people have avoided using public toilet seats out of fear of coming into contact with germs and bacteria. However, a recent study has shown that these fears may be unfounded. Researchers collected samples from public toilet seats in various locations and found that the seats were relatively free of harmful bacteria. In […]

New Smart Toilet Seat Technology Allows for Personalized Comfort and Hygiene

Innovative toilet seat technology has recently hit the market, offering users the ability to customize their bathroom experience like never before. The new smart toilet seats come equipped with sensors that can detect a user’s weight, body temperature, and bathroom habits, allowing for personalized adjustments to the temperature, water pressure, and angle of the spray. […]

Toilet lid introduction and method of replacing the toilet lid

The type of toilet lid and the method of replacing the toilet lid are described. The toilet lid plays a role in preventing odors and bacteria in daily life. How to fix a broken toilet lid? There are many types and models of toilet seats. When changing the toilet lid, first understand the type and […]